Personal travel assistant to help customers browse flights and hotels, provide budget-based options for travel and introduce packages and campaigns according to consumers’ travel behavior


Easily Book Appointments Online

Explore available slots and schedule your appointments quickly with inbuilt Google Calender Plugin


Efficient Inquiry Management System

Quickly handle all inquiries using Frontman, organizing and responding efficiently to enhance customer service.


Boost Sales with Smart Cross-Selling

Enhance revenue by offering relevant additional products to customers during their purchase journey.


Enhance Brand Awareness

Creatively designed chatbot can effectively promote a business and boost brand recognition. Style Builder just let you do the same.


Gather Customer Reviews Effortlessly

Easily collect and manage customer feedback to improve your services and customer satisfaction.

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Add Frontman to your website in different ways as self serve auto-pilot for marketing, customer support and promotions

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Widget Bot

Help customers proactively with full stack app rich widget

Page Bot

Run PPC campaigns with conversational landing pages

Embed Bot

Get Frontman script to embed bot onto any website

Button Bot

Click Website button to start conversation instantly

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AI-powered conversational interfaces [AIPCI] by Makerobos is designed to create intuitive, context-aware chatbots. Ideal for enterprises aiming to integrate advanced digital solutions into their customer interaction strategies.

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