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Enterprise Plan Enterprise Plan

The process of creating tailored conversational flows to meet unique business needs is pivotal for most enterprises. We do offer Enterprise plan to meet such growing demands.
  • Deploy custom middleware
  • Higher Slabs of MAUs
  • Integration with 3rd party tools CRM/HRMS/Ticketing Software
  • Deployment of custom AI/ML models on private & secure cloud farm with tons of saving
  • Training of Large Language Models to meet specific business goals.

Annual Support Plan Annual Support Plan

Suitable for businesses who need complete, end-to-end managed support for Frontman platform from setting up conversational flows to provide tactical support for conversational marketing.
360 degree support and on demand technical assistance wtih custom integrations
  • Designing conversations by experts based on domain expertise
  • Optimization of chat flows for maximum conversion
  • Continues AI training
  • Dedicated customer support manager

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What are the Monthly Active Users (MAUs)?

Monthly Active User (MAU) is defined as website visitor who sends or receive message counted once per month within monthly chat limits. We have introduced the concept of the MAUs, so you don’t have to pay the charges for latent users that haven’t initiated the conversation.

What happens when I exhaust the provided limit of Monthly Active Users (MAUs)?

If you go past the established MAU limit, we’ll make sure to notify you about the same. You can request for Top up by contacting support team or we recommend you to upgrade the account, whichever suits you best.

Is my data safe with Makerobos?

You business data is secured with 256 bit SSL encryption and stored on industry-grade and sanctified secure servers. Audited by World's Top Security Firms.

What happens when my 7-day trial period ends?

After your 7-days Beginners trial period ends, you’ll be prompted to upgrade to the paid plans. We’ll notify you about the same via registered email. To renew your account, select a plan that interests your business requirements.

I expect more than 30,000 MAUs. Can I use Frontman?

Needless to say, we have formulated our platform to match the rising demands of the businesses. Either you can upgrade to the Enterprise Plan, or you can also share the custom requirements with our sales team.

Are there discounts available for startups and non-profit organizations?

To keep it fair for our clients, we have constituted the best plans and pricing in the chatbot industry. With astounding features aboard, you can turn the tide on your side.

How long it takes to deploy an Enterprise chatbot?

For enterprises and businesses, we have a highly trained and dedicated team of specialists that can promptly build and deploy the chatbot as per the required use cases. We ensure swift deployment within 7–10 days. For any queries about the same, you can ask our experts.

We’re a marketing agency and want to partner with Makerobos for chatbot solutions?

Welcome on board. We are working with some of the world’s leading digital marketing agencies and their clients. Drop your partnership inquiry with us, and we’ll reply at the earliest.

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Word of praise by our valuable customers

After deploying Frontman AI across sites, revenue from digital marketing more than doubled, while both advertising and marketing costs were lowered. It's one of the best conversational AI platform.

Michelle Segovia

Vice President of Marketing, JourneyPure

Frontman is All-in-one Conversational AI Platform. Meticulously engineered with utmost clarity for conversational marketing. Definitely leader in the town with purpose to help automate business routines.

Charu Kishnani

Chief Marketing Officer, Cardekho Group

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AI-powered conversational interfaces [AIPCI] by Makerobos is designed to create intuitive, context-aware chatbots. Ideal for enterprises aiming to integrate advanced digital solutions into their customer interaction strategies.

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