Conversational Marketing & Beyond 2024

What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is all about creating a better user experience. It is the medium to empower the marketers to have personalized one-to-one conversation with the customers. The idea is to behave more like human by instantaneous response and pushing content, earning clicks and views through chatbot online. Brands can learn more about their customers, their preferences, their viewpoints about the product and know if they are really interested to ask questions and provide valuable data.

Instead of compelling the people to go through lead forms and wait for their response, conversational marketing uses AI chatbots that can engage with leads in real time. This comes in the backdrop of mobile messaging apps that have billions of monthly active users. So, this makes the new form of marketing channel i.e. Frontman, simple and easy to use and accessible from anywhere.

Why should I have chatbot on my website?

Business website is ultimate destination for your customers

Native chatbots working on either website or mobile application environment gives full control over the user experience of the entire conversational journey. Each and every element of the user interaction can be tailored be it layout, colour, buttons and dialogue bubbles or tone of voice.

And as websites are primary sources and natural destination of user interaction, companies wouldn’t want to divert traffic to other platforms such as Facebook. And all these interaction can happen without logging into Facebook account or downloading any messenger app. Deploying customized chatbot on a website helps increase brand reputation.


What are dynamic links and auto flows in conversational marketing?

Elevate customer experience with right messaging

The power of dynamic links and automatic flows in terms of conversational marketing can be the real game changer. You can trigger conversations only when a certain condition is met. Like when the chatbot sees that a user is visiting a certain priority product page which the company wants to inform the user about, it can pop-up automatically and ask him if he need any help.

The chatbot can also offer him discount on that particular product page or capture their email by asking if they need some brochure of the product. All this makes conversational marketing an extremely powerful channel of communication allowing customers to proactively interact with your business.

How chatbot can help scale my business?

Grow your customer growth by 5x and user interaction by 55x now

Frontman chatbot builder gives the business the power of taking the user experience to the next level. Through predefined templates and the right mix of conversational design and straightforward drag and drop elements in the story builder, it’s easy to create captivating user interface and keep the visitor busy on the website

Further, adding Instinct AI to the conversational flows can help train these virtual assistants and make them more intelligent and capable enough to have one-to-one conversation with the user. Hence, deep understanding of the customer and delivering promising business results.

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