Conversational Ads

Start context aware conversation when prospect clicks on Ad

Human buying experience

Deliver buying experience that transcends customer's expectations. Conversational Ads enable you to interact with potential customers as they click on promotional campaigns.

Understand leads better

Start contextual conversation on click of the ad with potential buyers and qualify them as leads and learn about their preferences as they progress in the conversation

Recommend next steps

Simplify the interaction with customers and keep them engaged. Save their preferences and assist them with the next relevant action accordingly

Handoff qualified leads

Transfer qualified leads to Senior Development Representatives (SDRs) as and when lead gets qualified

Super optimize marketing spendings

Channelize promotional campaigns via conversational Ads. Curtail cost of marketing campaigns by 5x and amplify engagement by 15x

Support Google, Linkedin & Facebook Ads

Step up digital and social media advertisements to the next level on Google, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Frontman Advantage +

Fully-engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than average 💰 💰 💰
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Context Management

Frontman manages user interaction context for smoother, more personalized engagements

Page Scope Targeting

Dynamically adjust chatbot responses based on the specific web page the user is visiting

Zero Code Integration

Seamless chatbot deployment without any programming, simplifying setup and maintenance

Frontman Apps

Offering persistent menus, message broadcasting, and user subscriptions directly through the chat interface

Conversational AI

Utilize advanced algorithms to enable chatbots to conduct meaningful, context-aware dialogues with users

Conversational Ads

Initiate real-time, context-aware discussions when users interact with advertisements, enhancing engagement

Inbuilt CRM

Manage customer interaction and segmentation directly through the chatbot system

Inbuilt KnowledgeBase

Deliver information instantaneously to users, enhancing the self-service experience and reducing the workload on support staff

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AI-powered conversational interfaces [AIPCI] by Makerobos is designed to create intuitive, context-aware chatbots. Ideal for enterprises aiming to integrate advanced digital solutions into their customer interaction strategies.

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