Shopify Assist

Integrate your Shopify Store with Frontman for Unbeatable Customer Support

Track Order

Let customers track their orders directly within Chatbot on your Shopify store once shipment is fulfilled.

Cancel Order

Let customers to cancel orders themselves via Frontman, without having to bother your support staff, and get refund themselves as long as the order isn't fulfilled yet.

Return Order

Let customers place return order request themselves on Frontman, without having to bother your support staff, once the order is delivered.

No-code Integration

Add Chat Messenger to make it a preferred channel of your Shopify store.

24/7 Sales and Support

Enable 24/7 sales and support with conversational AI

Analytics & Performance

Easy to track analytics of your account’s performance via the Frontman dashboard.

Run your Shopify store like a Pro

Integrate your Shopify store with Frontman and ensure you’re available for them where they are.

Enable customers to track their orders directly through the chatbot.
Enable customers to cancel orders or initiate returns with reasons for cancellation or return, all within the chatbot on your Shopify store.
Connect Shopify

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AI-powered conversational interfaces [AIPCI] by Makerobos is designed to create intuitive, context-aware chatbots. Ideal for enterprises aiming to integrate advanced digital solutions into their customer interaction strategies.

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