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Frontman: 5 Features that Can Get Your Business in the Fastlane


A chatbot serves the customers as a human-agent that can handle multiple user queries without saying Ohhh that’s too much for me! You’ll never hear this phrase coming from a chatbot.

Now, what enables it to expand the operations in uncountable dimensions! Basically, the features that it has, in the same way, humans have skills.

We worked to unearth the best solutions for businesses, that can be utilized to cut-short the operational costs, and as well as boost their sales effectively.

However, the key idea is to bond the relationship between customers and enterprises with the help of a machine. For us, it was quite challenging, as well as exciting.

Let’s dive into some of the notable features of Frontman:

  1. Analytics
  2. Instinct AI
  3. Conversational Landing Pages (PPC Chatbot)
  4. PWA
  5. Teaser Glass Messages


1. Analytics

Frontman analytics is the core part as businesses can gain real-time data of user interactions, and can act on it at the same time. So, that no visitor can turn empty-handed.

In the analytics section, we have introduced Communication, Goal tracker, Traffic stats, User Engagement sections. Let’s understand the functionality of each of them one-by-one:>


Through this section, businesses can send verified visitors information to the sales team. In addition, they can also know how much users have verified their details via SMS or E-mail (Verified leads). So, that they can understand if a visitor can turn into their customer! Moreover, it can also be beneficial in tracking the success of campaigns.

Goal Tracker

With this feature, businesses can track how a visitor has communicated with a specific goal, such as campaigns, demos, sign up for an event, etc. Goal tracker reflects how much users have accomplished a particular goal. With this, a business can understand why their users have left a process without pursuing it further.

Traffic Stats

With well-structured and maintained traffic stats, a business can decode how many new visitors are engaging with its product and services, and how many of them are coming back again. This can give them the in-depth insights of why users are not bouncing back!

User Engagement

This section comprises of Most frequent user inputs, Most frequent clicked buttons and, Most frequent visited blocks. It’ll help businesses to review what visitors are doing on their website. Like, a heatmap shows the touch-pattern of users, where users are skipping the pages most, and where they are paying more attention. This way, it becomes easy to redesign the unresponsive aspects of a website.

2. Instinct AI

The basic functionality of Instinct AI is to train Frontman with the perfect replies, based on users utterance. This section is further classified into two sub-sections, dialogue set and train your Frontman. In “Dialogue set” you can add multiple replies to the same question, whereas in “Train your Frontman” section all the unanswered queries will be shown so that they can be addressed. And, whenever a visitor repeats the same query, your Frontman will be ready to answer it to keep the conversation going.

3. Conversational Landing Page

Creating an interactive and successful landing page is the basic need if a business is thriving to drive sales on its platform. But, the traditional methods of static pages are not enough to convince users to consider the CTA. However, with a conversational landing page, this can change, as when a bot helps users to fill the necessary details in order to go for CTA, they don’t feel disconnected with the page.

4. PWA

Frontman is India’s first PWA based chatbot that can be installed on the users home screen in just a click. This can enhance the connectivity between customers and business. With this function, businesses can provide 24*7 active support, broadcast the offers, start the targeted conversation with a specific audience, share the details of upcoming events and collect feedback through a push-notification. 

5. Teaser Messages

Frontman is a 24*7 active chatbot, and it tracks each and every user engagements. Like, when a user switches from a web page to another page then Frontman will start the page-relevant conversation. This feature is useful in contextual conversation with the visitors and their queries. And, also pitch them the products and services beforehand.

With these features, businesses can connect with the visitors and turn them into happy customers. After all, Frontman is made to serve the purpose of solving user queries as soon as possible. Therefore they don’t feel alienated. Frontman can singlehandedly answer more than 80% of the humdrum questions easily without losing focus on the customers. Even it can talk with the users in a personalized tone. So that they can feel a mutual connection with the business, their product and service.

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